Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Why do I always feel let down by people. Hubby tells me it's because I always want t be there for people, help them, talk to them, be their friends. I do not care if they are smart, attractive, big or small, eloquent, rough and tough....I just try!!! So why am I invisible? Why do I feel used! Why do I get the call after months of not hearing from a person that they want to catch up, only to find that they need something, or they want to talk. Take Take Take...NO MORE!

It's not just 'in real life' it's online too. I comment about peoples photos, status, I answer their emails, messages...but to no avail....taken again.

So now I'm no more Mrs take....but Mrs Over It! I am not going to put my head on the line, not going to call people just to catch up, not going to comment on things because I care...WHY...because I need something given to me as well. I'm not a robot, I'm not strong (although I would like to be), I am HUMAN!!

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