Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weight Loss Journey...Update 1!

Never again will I look like the above left! (Taken 6/8/09)

Yes it's time for update 1! Well I have started my get fit for babies campaign, ultimately I would like to lose 10kg before we think about starting...just something my psychic helped me think about (crazy I know...but she knows, trust me!). I am so afraid of gaining more weight though the pregnancy journey and not being able to lose it all. So it starts from now.

I am still feeling bloated, but also feeling good about myself for starting, that's always the hardest part! I have a 'healthy me' journal where I jot down what I have eaten, how I'm feeling, my highs of the day and my lows. It's a place where I can be totally honest with myself and not be judged. Now please note, this is not a 'diet' if I called it that I wouldn't stick to it!!

And I have goals! When I lose 5kg I get to purchase one thing of etsy, when I lose 10kg I get to buy a new wardrobe (no limit), now if that's not enough motivation for me what else would be?

I can't wait till Friday, measurement day!!! Goodbye old unhealthy Lou...Fingers Crossed for a healthy, happy week!!

Love your body girls!! Lou xxxx

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  1. Great job with the weight loss! Iʼm inspired! Cheers, Erin