Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekend is so close

Yay! I love weekend time. Saturday I work nannying from 8-5pm and then the rest of the weekend is free time! Hubby and I decided that we will be going up to the family farm on Saturday night for a bit of relaxing time. So I have decided that I want to hit the op shops and antique shop...oh and the farm auctions as well.

You see I'm collecting little of bits and pieces for my guest room make over. I think I have been inspired by all those home reno tv shows I watch. I have two weeks to make over the room, and I have a few ideas but I'm still searching. I have a budget too!! $500 for everything! I will share my disaster when I get started. So far I have picked up some great bargains which I'll post pics of tonight. A bucket cane chair and a metal decorative thing for the wall. I'm searching for a nice wall I'm searching etsy.

Tonight were off to some swankish new restaurant that has opened in the city, I think I spend more time eating then sleeping. I'm looking forward to it, i have been so good with my regular eating this week....and I'm down 2.3kg in 2 weeks so far.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! May it shine and stay that way. I know I have been tagged in a few blogs so I will be posting those sometime this week.


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