Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kitchen Hunger

I'm desperate to renovate my little kitchen...at a budget price of course. We had a real estate agent give us a valuation recently and we were pleasantly surprised with the valuation. When we were showing him around the house I made a point at saying ...ahh the kitchen needs a revamp...but to my disgrace the bugger told us the kitchen is fine...shock, horror...he sabotaged me!!!

But in true fashion I won't back down, even if hubby is taking the agents side. So I need to find something that is max $3000...that doesn't include the appliances.

Anyway here is a pic of the kitchen (previous owners accessories)

See it's drab, lifeless, dark, lacks freshness!! See See??? Well I can anyway...?


  1. My ideas... paint the tiles a plain colour and paint the walls and the cabinets two different colours that match the tiles and each other. Maybe a new benchtop (just placed over the current one) and new handles on the cabinets!

  2. Kir...thanks for your ideas!! Have you had any experience with tile paint that you could share?

  3. Not personally, however I've watched a few shows where they've done it in those quick makeovers.

    Found this link: http://www.homehints.com.au/things+to+do/11/how+to/how+to+paint+tiles

    P.S You've been tagged!