Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life's Journey

Sometimes I'm amazed at where I am today. A loving husband, wonderful friends and family, the sweetest dog and a beautiful house...all this before hitting the BIG 30 (still a few years off). I was that student sitting next to the window at school, looking out and dreaming of the big wide world ahead, having dreams and planning my future away, always looking towards the future rather then the now.

So today I find myself in the now...the now what stage. Should I change careers even though I spent 4 years at uni studying, do I really want to leave a secure job, close to home to study something new...but what? What will I study...what will I I want to start at the bottom again and work my way up, do I want to bring TTC forward so I can have that year off to think about my many questions, so many thoughts.

Something is missing in my life, that spark I had in my early twenties, that spark that gave me the energy and confidence to take on the world, that spark that was in my step, that twinkle in my eye. Do I risk my teaching career to take on the unknown. stay in the now....or move towards the future?

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