Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weekend Bliss

Well my holidays are drawing to a close (insert sigh here), I have officially done nothing but sleep in and stay up late; I think I have lost all motivation, which is unlike me. But in saying that it has been nice to just do nothing, contradiction much?

Tomorrow morning were off to the beautiful Port Stephens, though it looks like the weather isn’t on our side :( This is the third time we have gone and each time it has been windy and rainy, so fingers crossed the weather perks up! Were going with hubby's parents and his Aunty and Uncle from America.

Hubby and I will do a quick pit stop to the Hunter Valley on the way there; I am dying for some goat’s cheese and marinated olives...not to mention a glass of sav!!

So I better go and pack....hopefully I will have some nice photos to share!

Have a great weekend!

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