Sunday, May 17, 2009

Only in America!!!

Only in America! After a tiring month, and finally having time to sit down and surf the net...I stumble upon this...Baconnaise- a bacon flavoured mayonnaise! How un-kosher! The thought of it makes me feel sick. I know I'm fussy, but when dear hubby says he wouldn't eat this product I know it's just plain wrong!

So my question for you is... have you or would you purchase this product?


  1. They also have bacon salt over here. The most vile thing I have recently found is bacon vodka. Yes bacon vodka. I can't imagine how this even tastes remotely good.

    And to answer your question I would totally try this product, my curiosity would get the better of me, but that doesn't mean I would like it! :D

  2. Ick.


    We're heading to the States in January. I can't wait to see all the new things.

  3. I agree...It's not something that I would consider eating!

    Thanks for your comments girls!