Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary to US!!

Well we have made it to a year. Has it gone fast...NO Has it gone quickly...NO.

Hubby and I have decided to celebrate three ways today and tonight....Firstly were going back to where he popped the question, for a romantic stroll on the beach. Were taking our daughter dog Missy as well. The weather isn't so nice today so it will be nice to have a lovely romantic stroll.

Next...were having afternoon tea with our parents and opening a couple of bottles of Moet followed by the cutting of our top layer of our wedding cake. I can't wait...I can't remember for the life of me what the top layer flavour is.

Finally were going to one of my favourite seafood restaurants, I'm thinking some prawns and lobster but it depends what I feel like.

So a year hey...looking back at the last year or so I am so proud of the things we have accomplished...I'm going to try to post some picces...

Love Me xxxx

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